Our core solution is the facial recognition SDK which can be efficiently used in a wide range of applications, for person's identity verification and search in huge digital imagery databases. We also propose a full IdM solution and a multi-biometrics option which includes iris recognition. Our technologies allow establishing correspondence between images, reconstruction and modeling of a frontal face view from several non-frontal images.

IDOT's biometrics portfolio includes a wide range of products, from stand-alone components to complete (multi)-biometric systems. They are software solutions, targeted primary at application developers and system integrators, delivering complete turnkey systems for monitoring and access rights management where access to a facility or information is granted based on person’s verification or for governmental institutions working with extensive image data.

Biometric products and technologies
Complete IdM biometric system with face detection, ISO compliance checking, recognition, indexing and extensive toolset for investigation purposes;
Face detection and Face Recognition SDKs are software solutions which are especially designed for developers of the biometric systems and system integrators;
Multi-biometric solution based on face and iris recognition;
Eye tracking and glance direction estimation;
Human gesture and motion recognition;
3D reconstruction of human face and body;
Generation of face views;
Detection of facial elements: eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth.

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Accomplished projects
3-D face reconstruction and generation of frontal face view
Quality control of human face digital imagery
Face detection and analysis
  Research started in 1999

Face Detection and Tracing
Facial Recognition
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